Senator Shilling and Representative Doyle request a statewide HIA on frac sand mining

Shilling Doyle – DHS EIS request for frac sand mining 11.11.11

and are turned down by the Department of Health

Letter to Shilling and Doyle from Sec. Smith – re frac sand HIA

saying that there are no published studies on fugitive dust around the mines–but now there is–By Dr Crispin Pierce from UW Eau Claire

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Hocak history

Some historical content.

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It’s time to pay attention

What kind of world do you want to live in? All my life I walked the woods in the Tomah area and saw deer, and endless trees opening up into fields and meadows. I now travel these same trails and I see mountains of sand, aggresive dumptrucks and massive potholes ready to swallow any car. Menacing guard houses display signs demanding that you sign in” Visitors.” Hah–a visitor to my homeland–WTF. Why would I want to go into these places, they are filled with “fugitive dust”. This type of silica dust is like tiny knives cutting into your lungs and the scarring that results is called “Silicosis” and it will kill you. Silica dust smaller than 2.5 microns is a carcinogen and it is flying everywhere randomly in all neighborshoods and possibly many miles away from these sand mines. It can cause COPD and a heart attacks. The land where the Loader has the right of way, not to mention having to look at the polyacrylate laden pools of water used to wash the sand seeping into the aquifer where you get your water. And if that isn’t bad enough how about the massive thirst of these wash plants which use these use 18,000 gallons a day of water. Time to dig a new well? Or maybe you will have to buy all your water??? What kind of existence do you want?

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