My english name is Bill Greedeer. I’m a Hočąk Deer Clan native, and my Hočąk name is Rekumani. Tomah is my hometown, in the heart of Wisconsin. I have seen this beautiful land where we used to walk and play experience the destruction of the trees that give us oxygen and the degradation of the black soil that grows our medicines and food get pushed around into berms, to hide the gouging of our sacred grandmother through frac sand mining. Later selling this sand that holds our water in place, the aquifer is getting pierced and infected by polyacrilimides and this is the water that we depend on to live. The fugitive frac sand dust is rolling off these dump trucks and compromising our lungs. This has to stop. The companies shipping the sand will help destroy more of the earth in other locations through natural gas fracking processes even on other tribal lands in other states and in other countries. We have to get involved in preserving our resources. There is no other earth. Mars is not a feasible or attractive alternative. Destroying our home is madness. There is no creature on earth as destructive as humans or as able to solve the most difficult problems. Let us figure out how to live in harmony with each other and all our relations.


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