Anti-frac sand mining information


movie of fugitive silica dust near Cooks Valley and  Tomah, Wi. from the movie The price of Sand


Jim Hightower was a gas to listen to yesterday!

Wow–It was soo great to see hundreds of people come out yesterday to Fighting Bob Fest in Madison, Wisconsin. I had a table called SW Wisconsin Against Frac Sand Mining there in collaboration with other anti-frac sand organizations to raise awareness. I was told that that this type of mining is reaching down into southern Illinois. Many people after seeing the pictures of the mines at my booth said “oh my God”. Others, were just amazed at the extent of the frac sand mines. People commented on the traffic, dust, train activity and how mines have changed communities making them alienate each other due to some selling out to mining interests and not knowing what this means to their neighbors.

I talked to Mike Wiggins Jr. from the Bad River Tribe another native from a tribe in southern Il who is being faced with frac sand mining activity in the Shawnee National Forest.

I am working a campaign which draws attention to our “Sacred Water, Sacred Land”. I hope you all will be inspired by what I am telling you and go out, talk to your community and work to preserve Grandmother Earth.

12 1129 Frack sand mining I

harmful silica dust brochure
frac sand brochure KSR edit

The Mines That Fracking Built

Audubon Society of Minnesota Statement on Frac sand mining

A new NPR story on health hazards of silica dust from frac sand use in the fracking process—there is likely much more of this dust at the mines themselves!!!

NPR frac sand fugitive dust health risk = Silicosis

Wisconsin Intertribal gathering in Madison to protest mining

Help support all our brothers and sisters to stop the destruction of our Grandmother Earth, and to keep our waters clean and healthy for ourselves and all our relations for all future generations.

frac sand mine WI

Buffalo county frac sand mining moratorium

Pierce FracSand Mining & Health


This is a Bakken oil train. These trains are dangerous. Many have exploded after derailing. This oil is not being extracted to enable “energy independence”. Most of it is exported. It is a modern day “gold rush” and the entire county is paying the price.

bakken oilScreen shot 2015-06-27 at 10.27.18 AM


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