Health effects of frac sand mining

Here is a video of silica sand dust in the lungs.

Below shows frac sand dust blowing from a loading facility in the middle of Tomah, Wisconsin. This dangerous dust is entering the lungs of all residents of the city. The frac sand industry has been given a green light in Wisconsin to put all people, animals and life forms at risk so that mega corporations can make billions. Western WI is a sacrifice zone.  It is our duty and responsibility to stand against this industry.

sand dust


1 Response to Health effects of frac sand mining

  1. Piaowaka C. Windwolf says:

    To assist in the spiritual energetic healing of our Mother Earth the bad human beings need to earn what the good humans beings already know and this is that we first need to understand how it is we exist as one being.

    All things are made of the same chemical elements, in differing ratios. What once existed in a star as an element now can make up part of your physical form..part of your carbon atoms.

    The energy of creation neither adds or subtracts anything…it simply changes form.

    The Mother Earth and the universe and ourselves are inexorably connected;spiritually as well as physically, all having derived from one Source.

    To quote Chief Seattle [American Indian Chief and Seer]

    “The air is precious to the red man, for all things share the same breath, the beast ,the tree, the man. Whatever happens to the beasts,soon happens to man. We are all connected. Even the white man cannot be exempt from the common destiny.”

    We also arrive at the understanding that we are undeniably linked to every other form of life and that the web of life has many branches of which we humans are but one.

    The idea of “Mother Earth” then becomes more of a reality for us, when you take the time to think about and observe the myriad of life forms that the earth sustains; and how millions of creatures from the very smallest single celled organism to the largest of the great whales
    receives its sustenance and support not from humans but from the earth itself.

    So understanding of yourself as a creative being endowed with a mind and choice, leads to the understanding that with that choice we have the ability to focus and communicate with any and all parts of the earth itself, all plants and animals, insects. So too with the planets and stars.

    So we arrive at the understanding that we are not separate from the earth, but are of the earth. And this is what the bad humans need to learn who are destroying Our Mother.

    Some Native healing ceremonies have not been done for a long time. Spirt says that many bad things have accumulated in the vibrations of the Mother Earth and in her body. We, Native Americans, the keepers of the Mother Earth, use to do Renewal and Weather ceremonies to cleanse the Mother Earth. These have not been done now for hundreds of years.

    Lets begin them now. Piaowaka Windwolf

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