This article is a year old but, it has some information that shows the devastation and speed of mining interests coming into the state. Most companies are from out of the state. Also I’m amazed at Tom Woletz of the DNR,  he  is promoting the mines in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin DNR was created to protect us and the natural resources, not to promote endless resource extraction……


Recent meeting in Prairie with the Lower WI Riverway Board about the Pattison Bridgeport frac sand mine proposal. 43 acres were denied but over 200 acres remain disputed.

riverway mtng 8-25

A small victory against frac sand mines. This picture of a recent Lower WI Riverway board meeting in Prairie du Chien was packed. Though the entire proposed mine was not denied, at least 43 acres were. This action proves that people do have a voice.

‘A Great Silence Is Spreading Over the Natural World’ | Common Dreams

water governance Great Lakes

3rd Nobel Laureate Symposium on Global Sustainability_ Transforming the World in an Era of Global Change

Climate science_ Historical drought trends revisited _ Nature _ Nature Publishing Group

The Anthropocene, global change and sleeping giants_ where on Earth are we going


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