Free Spirit Land

In the spring of 2015 the land and animals in Free Spirit Land gifted their song and growth to a new season. FSL is located in a beautiful valley and is blessed with a world class trout stream.

The idea that this beautiful place has a voice of its own inspires me to invite anyone interested to help me and my friends rejuvenate and celebrate the plants, soils, water and spirit of this place.

Juliee (Terra Consultancy) has provided a plan, which will hopefully over time and after lots of hard work, will result in increased food and medicine plant production. Pathways leading through the land to mitigate erosion will be constructed. Riparian areas will be returned to natural willow succession. Sacred spaces for spiritual renewal will emerge as the land, plants and animals allow.

Here is the powerpoint from the FSL presentation at Viterbo University on April18, 2015.

Free Spirit Land ppwt

From left; Mark, Michelle, Starman, Amanda, Vicki and Rolf at Free Spirit Land. We rebuilt a bridge and spent time on the land. Thanks my friends!

sundance peeps


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