bill sumac,aronia,nettles

Indigenous diet is good for all of us!!!!

Report from Aljazeera America about research on native foods and how important they are to protect, conserve and consume…..

Rekumani and aronia berries, nettle, sumac

I usually collect the sumac around the month of august, away from the sides of highways. The roadway sumac can be harmed by car exhaust and pesticides sprayed by county highway crews trying to kill the food prepared by grandmother Earth.

Sumac tea

Take two four to five inch pieces of sumac berries and add to a gallon of boiling water for 15 minutes. Steep. Strain and add maple syrup to taste

High in nutrients and vitamin C


cattails 2

This shows the part of cattail that is edibe. It is the male pollen bearing head. It should be picked when it is hard and not mushy. It can be eaten raw or steamed.



These are lambs quarters. They are found everywhere and are an amazing superfood.

They are best when harvested young and lightly steamed.


Here are some garlic scapes. These emerge from the tops of garlic plants and are removed to enable proper bulb growth. They can be chopped and frozen of dried.


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