bill sumac,aronia,nettles

I feel that more people need to know the sacredness of this place we walk on everyday. Our grandmother Earth has provided food and shelter for thousands of years not just on the other side but, even right here..the foods and teas are right here now. Milkweed isn’t a weed, this plant is food.  Several times a year, we can gather food just from this plant. I gather the seed and spread it to insure the continued propagation of this plant. The mine owners forget too soon just how they grew up walking the land, floating in a canoe, on a beautiful lake or river, and they don’t seem to remember just how it was to provide food for the family like the deer meat on the table or the wild fruit for the dessert. Please be mindful to take care of what and how you harvest the foods. When you harvest from the wild, it’s up to you to remember not to take it all, don’t take more than twenty percent of what you’re harvesting, and spread the seeds for the future harvest.  Grandmother has and will continue to feed us. We have to remember to give thanks, for what she provides.

The picture is me after harvesting Stinging Nettles, Sumac and Aronia.  I use the nettles and Sumac for Tea, and the Aronia, is used for juices and  flavor and also as one of many natural dyes, for painting on deer hides, such as deer skin shirts, leggings, and breechcloths.   All of these plants  are native to the Wisconsin forest.

Frac sand mining is destroying sacred Hocak archaeological sites. If you know of a site and want it to be mapped and protected let us know here. We will put you in touch with the right people.


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